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Chef's recommendation

  • Argentinian Empanadas [0,00]
  • Shrimps Crispy Brochette [0,00]


  • Roast Beef  [8,90]
  • Iberian Ham  [8,90]
  •  Cracovia  [8,90]
  • Brie Cheese  [7,50]


  • Sheep matured cheese   [7,70]
  • Iberian Ham [13,95]
  • Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea [9,50]
  • Patatas bravas  [5,90]
  • Hummus  [5,50]
  • Guacamole  [8,25]
  • Shrimp Pancake [7,50]
  • Roast Beef Carpaccio   [10,50]
  • Crispy Chicken  [9,25]
  • Cajun Chicken  [9,25]
  • Truffed Provolone  [7,90]
  • Smoked sardines  [8,25]
  • Croquette:  [6,90]
    Mushrooms boletus | Iberian | Stew | Spinach
  • Samosas:
    • Duck, leek and pear [7,80]
    • Goat cheese and caramelized onion samosas [7,60]


  • Mozzarella di Bufala [9,50]
  • Tomato and tuna  [9,75]

Canned food

  • Mussels in pickled sauce (25-30 pieces)  [8,50]
  • Scallops in sauce  [7,50]
  • Pickled anchovies [6,50]
  • Pâté:  [7,90]
    Wild boar and mushrooms | Pheasant and truffle | Deer with P. Ximénez sauce | Creamy cheese and boletus


  • Apple and raisin pie  [4,60] 
  • Sachertorte red fruit [4,60]

What people say?

This place is simply amazing. I’m a little late on leaving my review but I highly recommend this place if you’re ever in Valencia. The owner is very nice and very welcoming. We had a phenomenal time: great service, place is clean, great beer, and just very nice people over all. We had such a great time the first night we arrived, my wife and I decided to go back the next evening to try out the food and more drinking and we were pleasantly amazed at how delicious the food was. It’s not just your average bar food, this Cracovia Bar is authentic and the flavors are amazing. I definitely recommend this place. I can’t wait to go back.
Emi H.
We landed in Valencia Spain, on Wednesday the 11th of December and got to Cracovia Bar around midnight, the owner was there and was such a delight. He introduced us to their local beer, he fed us some local snacks and was overall warm and welcoming, we liked the place so much we went back next evening for dinner, and dinner did not disappoint. We arrived and it was packed the next day. We arrived strangers and left with new friends. Would definitetly recommend! Sergio thank you for everything!
Bridgie M.
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